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Throwback Thursdays have become a popular trend on various social media platforms. On a Thursday, you reflect on the key (or just funny) moments from your past and share them with your followers.

Here at Dunster Info, we have decided to combine the Throwback Thursday trend with our aim as a website, which is sharing as much information as possible about Dunster and the surrounding areas. We share postcards and photos of the village from years ago and help you see more about the heritage and past of this beautiful part of the world.

Let’s look at some of the critical images we have shared on this part of our website and why we chose them.

Dunster Deer Park

One of the images you will see is a group of horse riders wandering through Dunster Deer Park. One of our favourite parts of all of the surrounding countryside that you will find around the village. A part of the Exmoor National Park, at the Dunster Deer farm, you will be able to see a variety of landscapes and countryside. Rivers, moorlands, green open spaces and even coastline. All of it is in the area and ready for you to explore.
Dunster Yarn Market Postcard

The Yarn Market

Another great image, or should that be multiple images as we are such a big fan, is that of the Yarn Market. Whilst it has had a modern overhaul, the character and charm of the Yarn Market are much the same as it has always been. Built-in the early 17th Century, the Yarn Market now sits as a Grade 1 listed building, a fantastic testament to the building power of years gone by.

Dunster Beach

One of the biggest draws for tourists to Dunster has to be Dunster Beach. Dunster Beach is one of the quieter beaches in the area, but this is not because it lacks beauty. It is a great place to spend the day. Along the beach, you will find a combination of families and dog walkers enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting away from it all. Looking at the throwback images, the beach has always been a place to go if you are in the area. However, it is nice to see that it has not become a place that is too busy or that has lost its charm.

Dunster Castle

Finally, we have Dunster Castle, which has plenty of photos on our website. Both in our throwback section and, of course, a modern day. Initially built in the 12th Century, before getting a stone rebuilt sometime later; the castle has to be one of the most accessible spots in Dunster to photograph. This may be why it is a feature on this part of our website. Not only is it a great place to visit to see some unique architecture and design, but it is also a fantastic place to learn as much as possible about Dunster and the relationship between the village and the castle.

So, there you have it. A little look at some of the iconic parts of Dunster that have made it on our Throwback Thursdays page.

Keep checking out the images we share and see if you can spot any of the other unique parts of the village and the area to discover if you decide to visit in the future.

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Dunster is a medieval village located in Somerset, within the northeastern fringes of Exmoor National Park, England. Dunster was founded