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Dunster in Country Life Magazine – 1973

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Dunster in Country Life Magazine – 1973

Having an interest in Dunster Village in my spare time makes me search find the history of this wonderful village and find so many rare photos and articles.

This one I found on eBay – a cutting from Country Life magazine – 26th July 1973 where they had a 3-page article on the beauty of the village but also how it was becoming overrun with coaches and visitors cars who all flocked to visit Dunster Village.

They also go on to say how the narrow streets are so bad that walkers have to look and peer around corners before walking down the street almost pinned to the walls to let the cars and coaches pass by!

The article also goes on to how the council and local area are proposing car parks for the village and ideas on how to handle the increased tourism into the area.

I have included the images below for you to read – if you click on the image and you can zoom in to read this in full.

I hope this has been interesting to you as it was to me when I came across it and got my hands on it!

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