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Chalet 17

Chalet 17 Dunster Beach

Chalet 17

Chalet 17 is a charming reminder of the nineteen twenties. It was the very first chalet on the beach, moved from Blue Anchor where it had caught the eye of Lady Luttrell who lived in Dunster Castle. The year was 1927.

She organised some estate workers to bring the chalet down to the beach, which at that time was owned by the Luttrells, on a huge horse-drawn cart. Since then it has been enlarged a little, but is still a unique piece of Dunster Beach history.

In keeping with its history we have used a 1927 theme for the decor, but have included all key essentials for your holiday. It is a beach-side chalet with an uninterrupted view of the sea. There is a large decking area overlooking the sea. A great place for a breakfast for two.

A large window and glazed door gives you the same view from inside the chalet. An Art Deco table allows you to dine in style while watching the ships pass by, birds flying over the water and wild flowers at the edge of ‘The Berm’.

The clever design of the two chairs means the table packs away tidily when not in use.

Excerpts from a 1927 issue of the Woman’s Journal, reproduction LED oil lamps and a magnificent Steamer Trunk complete the decor.

We could not hide the TV but did manage……to hide the mini oven. Now you see it…now you don’t. A mini oven with two hot plates on top and a grill/oven underneath.

A pan drawer below holds a three saucepan set, frying pan and a range of other cooking utensils. Once the oven and hot plates are cool, simply close down the metal lined lid and all is tidy and more old fashioned once again! The front cover for the oven is a fake drawer front, which detaches and can be stored in the gap beside the fridge.

The fridge is full sized with an ice compartment. Pimms No 1 was invented in 1823 so it fits well with your nostalgic holiday!  Hot water supplied by a small heater.

All electrical equipment is PAT tested.

Crockery for two is stacked in a Penny Pine plate rack and tea bags are in a new, but genuine, Kilner jar. A worktop protector is also provided. Blinds are cordless and child safe and a fire extinguisher and fire blanket are supplied. The folding door is to the WC and washbasin. Shower facilities are available in a nearby shower block.


Naturally, in 1927 and for many years, Chalets on Dunster Beach had no loos. That would be taking nostalgia too far! The wash area and loo is well lit by a small window and has a generous sized basin and hot water supply.

Bath and pedestal mats are supplied. A comfortable double sofa bed provides sleeping accommodation. A child’s small sofa chair is also available (stored on top of the wash area). The flat-screen TV has integral freeview and a DVD player. In 1927 most movies were silent, but the release of the Jazz Singer heralded the arrival of the ‘talkies’. Read the review from Woman’s Journal about the movies “What Twenty Million Go to See”.