Dunster Village

Bat’s Castle

Bat’s Castle

Bats Castle is an Iron Age hill fort, approx. 699ft above sea-level, with superb panoramic views across the Bristol Channel and inland over Exmoor. The earth mounds and ditches are still quite evident to see today. This is rougly a 4 mile walk from Dunster takes in the fort as well as the Deer park of Dunster Castle.

The site was discovered in 1983 by some schoolboys when they found eight silver plated coins which dated from 102BC to AD350.

Bat’s Castle is the highest point of Gallox Hill, previously it was known as Caesar’s Camp and could possibly be associated with Black Ball Camp. Bat’s Castle has 2 stone ramparts and 2 ditches, the ramparts are damaged in places and the hill fort is partly covered in scrub.

Walking to Bat’s Castle from Dunster I recommend following the path over the Gallox Bridge up the sheltered coach road, a nice slow and steady walk which is clearly signposted.