In this blog post I’m going to show reasons on why you should visit Dunster. 

There are a number of reasons you should visit Dunster Village in Somerset we are going to list for you and list places to stay, attractions to visit and where to eat and more!


Dunster village has many attractions to come to see from Dunster beach to the high street shops and photo opportunities like Dunster Castle or the Yarn Market.

With a few hotels and bed and breakfasts there is always accommodation in Dunster and a range of restaurants to have some breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Dunster village has spent much history to see when you visit. From the wonderful Dunster Castle to the Yarn Market and range of attractions and shops around the village.

I highly recommend doing the Dunster castle tour inside and around the castle to learn more about it and see first hand the living quarters.


During the year there are various events in Dunster village to make your visit worthwhile.

Dunster by candlelight is the most popular which falls on the first weekend of December every year, and with all roads in the village shut and lights turned off, various food stalls are setup and all candlelight Road lights light the way.

In Easter Dunster castle runs a Cadbury Easter egg hunt which is great for young children and families. In the spring Dunster castle also runs a medieval event and Archery tournament that runs all week which is well worth checking out. I recommend looking at the “What’s on” section of the National Trust Website.

Dog walks

Dunster is a lovely place to visit to take your dogs for a walk. With free parking outside of the village near the tall tree’s walk you can take many different paths into the woods for a different walk every time.

If you pay to park in Dunster you can walk your dog around the village on a lead and I highly recommend going up to Dunster forest which is located past the gallox bridge and up the hill. This walk has loads of paths to follow and a stream that leads you up to bats castle where you are most likely to spot some deer or various wildlife.

Food and drink

Dunster is perfect to stop for a meal or just bite to eat with the number of pubs, restaurants and tea shops.

Most of the shops do ranges of food and drink to take away, like Dunster Deli that sell a large range of local beers, ciders, cheese, chutneys and jams and more. Also the chocolate shop has a great selection of boxed gifts, fudges and cakes to purchase for friends and family members as well as postcards of your visit.

Pubs and restaurants in Dunster all have a great selection of food and drink so do check them out when you come to visit.

Explore hidden treasures

In Dunster you find many spots of beauty that aren’t well known or not advertised.

One of these I recommend is Lovers bridge located on the Dunster gardens walk near the Dunster mill. By this quaint spot is an information board explaining the history of the bridge and how it got its name.
Bats castle is an old settlement located past Dunster forest on top of the Exmoor hills which was Discovered by some schoolboys in 1983 and although well known locally not many visitors venture up to visit it.

Britain’s tallest tree is on the tall tree’s walk just past Dunster village. With plenty of free parking this is ideal for dog walkers or families, the tall tree’s walk is ideal to get away from the village in peace for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, if please comment below if you would like to share your experiences in Dunster village or any hints and tips when visiting Dunster.

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